We offer integration of process control systems for different industries in centralized and distributed architecture. We implement professional applications using industry software from leading suppliers. We also provide expert consultations on implementations.

Depending on your business needs, we offer to provide services to a whole team or a single expert. 

In our offer you will find:

  • infrastructure design; 
  • virtualization;
  • server solutions; 
  • industrial automation; 
  • programming drivers 
  • implementation of remote operation. 

Our specialists’ previous realizations:

  • programming of a furniture folding machine; 
  • creating program for cooperating with electronic scales for recording measurements in a database;
  • programming the recording events on road equipment;
  • MRV – Parameter recording system (fleet of ships);
  • video recording and payment management media kiosk, C# software, slot machine interface software for coin, banknotes and the release of the rest, an external panel on Raspberry Pi (Python), recording and barcode orders;
  • measuring device for the university on STM32 – fast and precise at the same time tensometric measurements, data collection, data analysis, construction of the entire graphic library including graphs for display, design and installation of PCBs, communication with modern linear drive;
  • AVR – production line (production of force hydraulics), stepper motors, proximity sensors, large LCD display, barcode readers, pcb design and assembly.